Norfolk Hedgehog Rescues

Hedgehog needing help……

If a hedgehog is out during the day, whatever the time of year, then it is usually a sign it is in trouble. The only exception is weaning mothers from the end of May to early September (you will know a weaning mother -she can be recognised by the fact she’s very active, walking with purpose and taking direct routes)

The only other times you should intervene is;

  • If a hedgehog is trapped
  • Injured
  • Drowning
  • Hibernating and nest is disturbed
  • Babies crying out because the mother has not returned to the nest


This hedgehog has flystrike – small rice like grains or clumps in the fur around face, ears, skirt or bottom.

Autumn Juveniles

Small late born hogs that are to small to survive hibernation – these need to be rescued November/December, when the weather turns cold.

Little ones under around 450/500g would need to be taken to a rescue centre.

Size guide for reference – please don’t disturb hedgehogs – only intervene if they appear to be too small.

Please, call a rescue centre for help and advice.

If you have found a hedgehog you are concerned about please use gardening gloves or a towel to collect it up, bring it indoors and put it in a high sided cardboard box with an old towel or fleece in the bottom for the hedgehog to hide under. Cover the box with a towel or net, to stop any flies getting to the hedgehog. Fill a hot water bottle (or any bottle) so that when it is wrapped in a towel there is a nice gentle heat coming through and put that in the bottom of the box with the hedgehog, ensuring it has room to get off the bottle should it get too warm.  Make sure the bottle is always kept warm (if allowed to go cold it will chill the hedgehog and do more harm than good). If the hedgehog is bleeding or has flystrike please do not add a hot water bottle as this will make it bleed more quickly or the fly eggs hatch to maggots.  Put the box somewhere quiet. Offer meaty cat or dog food (if available) and fresh water then call for help as soon as possible.


contact a Rescue Centre ASAP – time is critical, as they can deteriorate very quickly.

Charlie’s Helpline for Hedgehogs

Open 8am -8pm.

One number to call, where you will be able to get the help and advice you require.

07835 498970

Katie from Poringland Prickles is our helpline coordinator.

This helpline is run by volunteers who give up their time to try to help – please be kind to them.

RSPCA – East Winch Wildlife Centre

Contact – 0300 123 0709 (9am -4pm Monday to Friday) (Wildlife Casualties 8am – 10pm)

B H P S – Bristish Hedgehog Preservation Society

Advice – 01584 890801

P A C T – Hingham

Contact – 01362 820775 – for a rescue directory

Hallswood Animal Sanctuary – Stratton Strawless, Nr Norwich.

Contact – Lyz 07549 991 920 (24/7, leave a message, she will get back to you)

Poringland Prickle Pigs – Poringland

Contact – Katie 07828 246237

Sally’s Hedgehog Rescue – Newmarket Road, Norwich

Contact – Sally – Full

Hedgehog Haven, North Norfolk – North Walsham

Contact – Marian – 01692 404550 – Full

Hedgehog Rescue – Aylsham

Contact – Richard  07514845420, 01263 734948 

Hedgehog Help – Long Stratton

Contact – Tracy 07766 913370 – Closed

John’s Norwich Rescue

Contact Helpline number

Ryston’s Rachel Hedgehog Hotel – nr Downham Market

Contact – Rachel 07724005692

Emma’s Hedgehog Hotel –  Terrington  St Clements

Contact – Emma 07847 464904/ 01553 340621

Wild Touch – Bacton

Contact – 07765 345441

Hedgehog Hollow 04 – Wymondham

Contact – Helpline number

Sheringham Hedgehog Hotel – Sheringham

Contact Brian 07941 381438

Runham Wildlife Rescue

Contact – 07506 430246

Brocks Barn Hedgehog Rescue – Alburgh, Harleston

Contact – Tessa 01379 853517 or 07966 095187


Hedgehog Hollow is a small rescue in Wymondham which can take up to 12 hedgehogs.  Karen runs the rescue and has been trained by Katie at Prickle Pigs as well as receiving Vale certification.  You can get more information via her Facebook page :

Ryston’s Rachel Hedgehog Hotel – nr Downham Market

Pods in hog room.

Set up as a one person ‘hobby’ rescue 11 years ago by Rachel, we have grown each year and now have a large dedicated team of volunteer fosterers/fundraisers/crafters/hog taxi drivers. We called ourselves a Hotel to promote the idea that our ‘guests’ receive nothing but the best care and ideally don’t stay very long. We always have best welfare in our minds and work closely with our Vets to ensure we do the best for each and every guest. We are entirely self funded and rely on donations to fund our Hotel. Our motto is and always will be : Rescue, Rehabilitate, Release. We see all sorts of cases each year, hedgehogs with strimmer wounds, dog bites, caught in netting / rat traps , orphan hoglets, disturbed nests due to buildings, stuck in drains etc.. you imagine it and we’ve probably dealt with it. Last year we had 383 come in. Our busiest year ever! Thank you for reading our story and do please find us on Facebook / Instagram should you want to see what we do in more detail.

Rachel – Ryston Rachel’s Hedgehog Hotel

Hattie’s Hedgehog Rescue – Gorleston, Gt Yarmouth

Sarah’s albino baby, Matilda, from last year, from 86 grams to release

Sheringham Hedgehog Hotel

Help given to rescues……..


Food given to rescues each Christmas to help with the feeding of hoggies guests over the winter period, as most of these will not be able to be released until spring.


8 Bespoke hutches built for Rachel at Ruston, to fit in her Hogspital


6 more small indoor hutches to help Tracy at Long Stratton to look after more little autumn juveniles.


New hutches for Richard at Aylsham -to house more rescued hoggies.


New hutches bought to help Tracy at Long Stratton to look after more rescued hoggies.


Dedicated Hedgehog Hogspital built at Hallswood Animal Sanctuary at Stratton Strawless, nr Norwich


Zoozone cages for Hallswood Hogspital


Secondhand hutches (from a closing rescue) purchased for Hedgehog Haven, North Walsham.


Funds given to help with the cost of installing the electrics into the new Hogspital at Hedgehog Haven.


New hutches bought to help several rescues to help with the influx of Autumn juveniles


Microscopes bought for (free loan) for Marian at Hedgehog Haven and Richard at Aylsham, to enable them to check samples quickly and cost free.


Secondhand hutches purchased for several rescues.


Syringes and needles purchased for Tracy’s rescue at Long Stratton.

Suction Units

Suction Units, for the removal of flystrike, free loaned to several rescues – Mel’s Rescue, Richard at Aylsham, Tracy at Long Stratton and Rachel at Downham Market.


Incubator donated and purchased, for free loan to any rescue centre who requires them.


Zoozone cages and heat mats available for free loan for rescuers and fosterers.

Food donated by Brambles distributed to over 14 rescues

Food donated

Donated food given to Rescue centres throughout Norfolk.