Recycle your plastic

In partnership with Terracycle we can recycle the following products.

Any brand of crisp/snack packets & multi pack bags. Please empty out any food residue.

All sweet & savoury biscuit and cake wrappers from ANY brand. Please wipe clean of any food pieces.

Wet, dry & treat dog/cat food pouches. These must have food residue removed, cleaned and dried before placing in a bag/box

Pringles ONLY brand – lid, seal and tube

Any bread packaging made of LDPE plastic

If you collect at home please contact us to arrange collection or drop off.

School Competition

Please can you collect crisp/snack packets for us. Any brand. These will go to Terracycle to be recycled and we will receive credits for them to help towards our fund raising. 

So not only are you helping the environment by reducing litter you are also helping to fund the rescue centres in Norfolk too.

If you could design and make your collection box – send us a photo and your school could be the winner of the ‘best designed box’ and win a prize for your school – a lovely Hand Made Hedgehog House – and become Hedgehog Heros.

Hog house

When your box is full please contact us for collection –