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Charlie’s Helpline for Hedgehogs

07835 498970 – for hoggie’s in need of help, 8am -8pm.

Meet the team

Paula – Founder and all round hedgehog fan! After helping at a hedgehog rescue I saw the need for more awareness and more rescuers. Not having the time or ability to dedicate enough time and resources to run my own rescue I decided to try to help the other struggling rescues-one thing led to another and Hodmedods was born and continues to grow, as the plight of the hedgehogs grow. Now moved to Lincolnshire – so looking to expand Hodmedods and help some more rescues.

Angie – Education – As a primary school teacher I was keen to raise awareness of the plight of hedgehogs and encourage children to help them. Initially, I started giving educational talks in school assemblies and classrooms but have since been asked to talk at various clubs and organisations – to children and adults. The talks are carefully adapted to suit the audience. Hodmedods is regularly asked to deliver talks at the Norfolk Wildlife Trust centre in Cley.

Now retired – so talks are now being taken by Julia.

Debi – Helpline

Jackie– Stall helper

Julia – Talks

Jackie and Roger – Our hedgehog house builders and stall helpers. Now over 170 houses built and sold!!