All about us

Donations always welcome 

All the rescue centres in Norfolk are continuing to care for and take in our poor prickly friends who need help – so we are continuing to support them in their valuable work.

Most rescues are full at present, with abandoned/poorly hoglets and lots of injured/poorly adults.

We do have some funds, so will continue to help with food, meds and any other needs to all the rescues in need to help them through this period.

Any donations would be very gratefully received .

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make a positive difference in helping to stop the decline of hedgehogs in Norfolk.


  • To raise awareness of the plight of hedgehogs and the dangers they face so as to reduce their suffering
  • To increase the number of ‘hedgehog friendly’ gardens in Norfolk.
  • To raise funds through donations, sales, events and social media.
  • To distribute funds to support rescue centres and individuals who rescue and provide care for hedgehogs in Norfolk.

Hodmedods Hedgehog Support was set up in 2016, with the first big event being held Fairhaven Woodland and Water Gardens in October 2016.

What do we do and how do we do it!!

School talks/Adult group talks – Powerpoint presentation with small videos. Talks are free, but we do ask for donations of dog/cat/hedgehog food which we distribute to rescue centres to help feed the hoggies in care.

Hedgehog Awareness Events – Information given, displays boards, quizzes, children’s activities, gift sales, hedgehog food sales etc.

Mini shop/stalls – Sales of hedgehog gifts, clothing and misc items (bought or donated)

Tombola – we love our fun, prize every time Tombolas.

Charlie’s Helpline for Hedgehogs – A one stop Helpline  – need help with a hedgehog in Norfolk, phone our helpline for advice and rescue.

Open 8am – 8pm.

07835 498970


Meet the team

  • Paula – Founder
  • Julia – Talks
  • Katie – Rescues officer, talks and helpline coordinator
  • Debi – Sales
  • Lucy – helpline and stalls
  • Melanie – Events and sales
  • Roger and Jackie – Hedgehog house builders and plant sales

2021 saw a change to Hodmedods – with myself (Paula) moving from Norfolk to Lincolnshire. With a great team of volunteers in Norfolk continuing the great work, this has enable me to start to expand the support to cover some Lincolnshire rescues

We also have volunteers for events, stalls, telephone helpline, drivers and general fund raisers.

Margaret – volunteer driver.

Not very dramatic, I know, but I loved that my first involvement with hedgehog rescue took place so close to home!

My very first job as a volunteer driver for Hodmedods was to collect a hedgehog that was out in the daytime from my local park! The park is on the other side of a belt of trees from our house – we can see it from our upstairs windows. A man who was at the park with his daughters phoned in to report it and left good directions – I went along with my animal carrier and soon found it. The hog was asleep in the middle of the grass – it was a warm day, so it was probably dehydrated. Half an hour later, we were at Hallswood Animal Sanctuary to hand it over.

Ever since then, I’ve kept a container of water concealed in the shrubbery close to where I found the hedgehog and go there regularly to top it up. It’s always been drunk, which gives me a lot of pleasure. Of course, other wildlife might be drinking it, but that’s fine by me! From time to time an over zealous park keeper disposes of it, so I always take a replacement container with me. 

Herbert Hedgehog

Herbert Hedgehog in Hogspital by R Butler

In 2017 Rachael wrote and illustrated this amazing book, based on the information given in our school talks.

We all fell in love with Herbert and with her permission Herbert became our mascot. Rachael has continued to support us, with her book and illustrations.

Books are available from us, or from Amazon – with a donation for us for every book sold.

Herbert Hedgehog

Lisa Angel Necklace

Lisa Angel Jewellery are making this lovely hedgehog necklace, with £1.50 from every sale being donated to us.

They are available in gold and silver.

Our first donation of an amazing £200 was received in December 2019, which went towards some of the 16 Hampers we gave to the little rescues around Norfolk, to help with all the little hoggies they had in care for the winter.

December 2020 donation of £487 – this amazing amount will be going to help a new rescuer to set up a rescue centre with necessary equipment and cages, to help lots more hedgehogs get the treatment and care they need in the Poringland area.

2021 donations topped £744 – which helped supply a hoglet home to a new Poringland rescue and an ICU unit to Emma’s Hedgehog hotel, along with food, vets bills and supplies to their patients.

2022 and 2023 donations went towards a new incubator at Hattie’s Hedgehog Rescue, along with food, meds, vet bills for several other rescues. 

Silver necklace

These can be found at and


2021 funds purchased a ‘Lisa Angel Hoglet Home’ at Poringland, to help support a family of abandoned hoglets – providing a home, food and meds – along with a lot of TLC.

Lisa Angel Hoglet home

Hattie’s Hedgehog Rescue – ICU

Update 2024

This is Albie who is my 1st admission for 2024 who was admitted into the Lisa Angel incubator on Monday 1st January. Severely dehydrated, malnourished and icy cold. Albie has Fluke, Capillaria and a gut infection and remains in the incubator having warmed sub cut fluids and veterinary prescribed medications. After a couple of very small weight gains in the first 2 days (20 grams) he lost it all last night and more (25 grams). He was just 266 grams on admission so this little boy has a huge challenge ahead of him.

Sarah – Hattie’s Hedgehog Rescue



Bee Creative at Wroxham Barns

Debi, who ran Acle crafts now has a shop at Wroxham barns with a variety of lovely decoupaged items, along with a variety of other gifts.

Debi is a great supporter of Hodmedods and one of our valued volunteers.

You will find a variety of our hedgehogs gifts in her shop, so do pop along and pay her a visit. 


These are the Hedgehogs

Book by Kate Pedley and Jill Mellows. Kate donates her profits to us, along with money from the sale of some cards she paints and sells.

Teds Crafty Creations

Paula, our Founder has now moved to Lincolnshire and set up Teds Crafty Creations.

Making and selling decoupaged items too, donating to us for all hedgehog items.

See Teds Crafty Creations on Facebook.

Also Hedgehog Highways- made from recycled slate roof tiles, with 3 coats of extreme exterior varnish. With 13cm doors (big enough for your fat hedgehogs) and screw holes , so can be attached to fence.

These can also be found at Bee Creative at Wroxham Barns.

Rescues and Carers

We aim to help any rescue or carer in Norfolk, who asks for help to continue their work, in helping our hedgehogs.

This could be help with food or medication for hoggies, equipment or even building Hogspitals. We also offer a free loan on equipment.

Some of the rescues who have benefitted to far………

  • Hallswood Animal Sanctuary – Hogspital, equipment and food
  • Hedgehog Haven, North Norfolk – costs towards Hogspital, food and equipment.
  • Wild Touch – food and equipment.
  • Suzanne’s Hedgehog Rescue – food and equipment.
  • Mels Hedgehog Rescue – food and equipment.
  • Foxy Lodge – food
  • Tracy, Long Stratton – food and equipment, costs towards Hogspital.
  • Richard, Aylsham – hutches, equipment and food
  • Rachel, Downham market – food and equipment.
  • Connie, Hethersett – food
  • Katie, Poringland – food and equipment
  • Pact, Hingham – equipment and supplies
  • Emma, Terrington St Clements – Food and equipment
  • Bruce, North Elmham – food
  • Diane, Keal Cotes (Lincs) equipment and food
  • Liz, Horncastle Rescue (Lincs) food
  • Hatties Hedgehog Rescue – food and equipment

How can you help – help always wanted.


One way you could help us is to become an event volunteer. We are always pleased to have help at any of our events. If you’d like to volunteer to help please contact us.

Duties on the day will be varied and depending on which Event you choose may include any or all of the following:

1) helping to unload merchandise/equipment from vehicles and carrying into the venue
2) taking money for retail sales
3) handing out information leaflets about hedgehogs and promoting our future Events
4) helping with children’s craft activities at the event
5) doing our educational quizzes with children
6) chatting to people about ideas to make their gardens more hedgehog friendly
7) helping to repack at the end of the Event and return merchandise/equipment to the vehicles. 
8)outdoor events may require you to lend a hand with erecting the gazebo but it’s an easy and straightforward one!
9) staffing the tombola stall – this is fun, with a prize every time.


Are you a stay at home person, could you take our helpline telephone for a day/week or so. Training will be given – answer the calls, take details, then using our database/list find a rescue who can take the casualty! Arrange with finders or our team of First Responders to get them safely to the rescue.